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Header Tags for SEO of oscommerce shops
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osCommerce is one of the most popular and fastest growing ecommerce packages available today. There are many, many clones of it but none can match the simplicity and ease of use of the original. To learn more about using the wonderful osCommerce package as an eCommerce Solution, just click here!
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osCommerce can:

- Accept all major credit cards
- Easily manage unlimited products
- Track orders
- Report customers history
- and much more
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SEO Assistant

SEO (search engine optimization) is one the most important things a shop owner can do to improve his or her shop. This page contains a number of tools that help with that optimization process.

Index Position
The search engines display sites on their pages using what is called an "Index," (like the Index of a book). The closer you are to the top, number one, position in this index, the more traffic your site will receive. This section allows you to check your position in the indexes of Google, MSN and Yahoo. Most people have their browsers set to display 10 results per page so if you are not in the top 20 or 30, they probably won't find your site. The code in this section checks for entries with www and without. So if a domain name is entered without www, for example, and a link is found with www, the result will state it is found. This should not be a problem for most checking.

Enter total searches:

Enter search term:

Enter URL to search for:
Search: Google MSN Yahoo 
Show Results:  Show History:  
Page Rank
Page Rank (PR) is a measure of how many links there are to a page on your site. Each page will have its own PR. Note that PR is wholly determined by the number of links to your page and the relevance of those links to you site - nothing else. So the more links you can generate (with link exchanges, posting your url on forums and even links within your own site) the higher your PR will be.
Enter URL:
Link Popularity
Link Popularity (LP) is very similar to Page Rank except it goes a little further. Actually, Page Rank is a subset of Link Popularity. Where PR is mainly determined by the number of links to a page, LP figures in the relevance of those links. For example, if you sell Widgets and all other Widget sites are linking to you then the search engines figure that your site must be the one to watch and will give you extra points for that.
Enter URL:
Keyword Density
Keyword Density (KD) is a ratio of your chosen keyword(s) to the total number of words on the page. A KD of around 4% to 6% is considered a good figure. If it is too low, the SE's will not rank you as high as they otherwise would. But if it is too high, they may think that you are trying to trick them, and they may even punish you by banning your site.
Enter URL:
Include Meta Tags:  Use Partial Total:
Check Links
Having working code is an important part of SEO. If a search engine search bot cannot follow a link, it is unlikely that it will list it. Having working links is also important to your visitors. If they can't find their way around your site, they, like the search engine bots, will usually just go away.
Enter URL:
Header Status
It is very important that your site returns the proper status code to the search engines. This is what they use to determine if a site is being redirected and how, in part, if it contains duplicate content (which can get it banned).
Enter URL:
Check for SID's
Session ID's, (SID's), is that long list of characters attached to the url and are used in oscommerce to track a customers movement through the shop. A search engine should not be assigned a SID. But it can happen if the settings in your shop are not correct. Once the search engines have a listing with a SID attached, you have to take extra steps to remove those. This option will allow you to check if there are any listings that have SID's attached.

Enter total searches:

Enter URL:
Search: Google MSN Yahoo 
Show Links:
Supplemental Listings
Google now uses a "Supplemental Index" and many shop owners are finding their sites listed in this index. As usual, google is not forthcoming as to the reasons for pages being listed as supplemental. It could indicate a minor problem like google could not find enough information about the page, or, it could indicate a major problem like it is being seen as duplicate content, or, it could be something else. If you have pages listed as supplemental, then you should look closer at them to try to isolate the cause.

Enter total searches:

Enter URL:
Show Links:
Harmful Links
Google tests its listings for malicious code and, when found, adds a warning to the listing which says, "This site may harm your computer." This is a great idea. However, if you are not aware that your site has been hacked, it causes two problems. First, you have a hacked site which is a security issue. And, second, your listings in google will have that warning, which can do great damage to your sites reputation. This option will allow you to check if you have any such listings. If you find such a listing, you should read this post

Enter total searches:

Enter URL:
Show Links:
HotLinking Check
HotLinking is the process of another site directly linking to some item on your site, usually an image. Whenever anyone visits the other site, the image is loaded from your site, which counts against your bandwidth. There is also the matter of someone taking advanatage of your hard work. Most shop owners put a lot of effort into getting their images the way they want them. But then someone comes along and helps themselves to the image. It is just plain stealing.

Enter total searches:

Enter URL:
Show Links:
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