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Optimizing your site for the Search Engines (SEO) is one of the most important things you can do as a WebMaster. With our help, the job becomes easier. The following is what we will do to help in your battle with the search engine's.

  • Full evaluation of your site in regards to SEO
  • Assist in picking out your keywords or phases
  • Guidance with building the proper title for your site
  • Help with setting up the keywords and description meta tags
  • Guidance in building the text to effectively use the keywords or phases
  • Move javascript if required
  • Submit site to Search Engines and Directory listings
  • Create and add two new pages designed to target specific keywords. The pages will be optimized for the chosen keywords. You just need to add the text, which we will help with.
  • Install Header Tags SEO (*)
  • Install Sitemap SEO (*)
  • Install All Products SEO (*)
  • Install Google Sitemap with cron update
  • Install Spiders and Robots update
  • Install Ultimate SEO
  • Install Google Base Auto Feeder with cron update (requires a Googlebase account)
  • Install footer links
  • Install Links Manager II (*)
  • Includes scanning reports which shows the locations in the search engines for up to five (5) keywords.

* All items marked this way have been written by oscommerce-solution and are considered by many to be the best choices for SEO work on an osCommerce shop.

Since some shops may already have some of the above installed, the price will be adjusted as needed.

After making the above changes, you should see the position of your home page improve in both the MSN and Yahoo listings within two months from the completion of the changes. We also guarantee that your home page will place in the top 20 on google, Bing or yahoo for one of your main keywords within 3-6 months from when the changes are made (as long as it is a mutually agreed upon keyword and you follow our advice on setting it up). The amount of improvement varies with the site and the chosen keywords but the improvement is typically very significant. We can give you a better idea of the improvement you will see if you contact us prior to placing your order. That way, you can better determine if the cost of this package is justified for your site. The time period is required to allow the search engines enough time to see and register the changes to your site. This assumes your site is in good standing with the search engines (not banned) and that you don't make changes that would undo the changes we made. If your site does not improve as noted, we will refund $100 of the total cost. Since google will keep sites sequestered for an indeterminate period of time, we cannot guarantee when the changes will be seen there. However, if the sites position improves on the other two sites, then google will follow at some point. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about the above.


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