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This contribution allows you to import sales invoices, customers, products, and payments from your shopping cart directly into Quickbooks. The standard import includes new invoices and new customers, with options available to configure it as needed. Sales tax is supported, as well as shopping cart product attributes, Quickbooks item groups, and conversion between shopping cart and Quickbooks product names.

  • Imports new invoices and new customers in one iif file
  • Imports payments with invoices or as sales receipts
  • Can go back and reimport previous invoices
  • Can import all customers or products
  • Converts shopping cart products to Quickbooks item groups
  • Converts shopping cart products with attributes to separate Quickbooks items
  • Converts shopping cart products with attributes to Quickbooks sub-items
  • Converts any shopping cart product to a Quickbooks item with a different name
  • Converts shopping cart shipping methods to Quickbooks shipping names
  • Converts shopping cart payment methods to Quickbooks payment types.
  • Configurable for Quickbooks with sales tax turned on or off
  • Creates unique Quickbooks customer names
  • Supports discounts, coupons, and fees
  • Supports multiple payment methods, including and PayPal
  • Almost no alteration of shopping cart files
  • Multilingual interface
  • Invoice description language options
  • Converts essential data to default store language
  • No file editing needed ? all settings done in a graphical interface
  • Configuration saved in a database table making upgrades easy
  • Table creation is automatic after installation
  • Table updates are automatic when new versions are installed
  • Sanitizes data to avoid iif file errors
  • Strips blank lines and line feeds in addresses for proper importing to different Quickbooks versions
  • Shows country name only for foreign orders (option)
  • Changes state/province names to postal codes (option)
  • Adds customer comments to invoices (option)
  • Updates status and sends emails to customers (option)
  • Deletes credit card numbers (option)
  • Support for discounts, coupons, and fees
  • Automatic detection of installed payment, shipping, and discount modules in shopping cart
  • Automatic database installation and upgrading
  • Support for products with multiple attributes (pass-through only, no matching yet)
  • Option to only import orders with a specific status (to support PayPal IPN)
  • Payment method matching to Quickbooks
  • Indication of which payment methods are prepaid and which are not
  • User configurable customer numbers
  • User configurable Invoice and PO numbersC

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