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In osCommerce, stock for products is tracked at the product level. If a product has attributes, such as size and color, you naturally would like to track stock for the attribute combinations (e.g. Product Fancy Shirt Red, Large has 10 in stock, Fancy Shirt Green, Small has 15 in stock, etc.). On the other hand, some product attributes you may not want to track stock for. For example, gift wrapping, monogramming, etc. may be product attributes but they don't affect the stock of the product they are applied to.

One of the problems encountered when tracking stock for attributes is how to display attributes so that a customer clearly knows what attribute combinations are in-stock and which are out of stock. For example, if you have a shirt in stock in these combinations:

Color Size
White S
Red S
Red M
Red L
Red XL

osCommerce will display the product with two dropdowns for selecting attributes, one for color and one for size. The color dropdown will contain white and red and the size dropdown will contain S, M, L and XL. Since white is only in-stock in size S the customer can add to cart a white shirt in four sizes that are not in stock.

QT Pro is a add-on to osCommerce that tracks stock for product attribute combinations. It also provides for several different attribute display methods to address the problem of out of stock attribute combinations.

Several areas of the osCommerce admin site are modified:

  • Product Attributes - for product option setup to indicate if stock should be tracked for that option
  • Categories - a button is added for products to link to a page to enter stock for product attributes
  • New Product Information configuration section - for selecting the product attribute display plugin and options to be used
  • New Low Stock Report - For a quick list of product and product attribute combinations

In addition, the Product Information page is changed to support plugins for product attribute display. Four plugins are provided:

Multiple dropdowns Like standard osCommerce but with messaging options for out of stock combinations
Sequenced dropdowns Uses JavaScript to force customer to choose attributes in order and only showing in-stock values for each subsequent attribute
Single dropdown Displays a single dropdown list with each entry a single possible attribute combination
Single radioset Same as the single dropdown plugin but uses a radio set instead of the dropdown list.

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