Which Hosting Plan

Choosing the correct hosting plan is never easy. However, by utilizing the following information, the process might become a little less difficult.

So what do those numbers really mean?

The most important numbers you want to be concerned about when choosing a hosting plan are the Disk Space and the Bandwidth (also known as monthly transfer).

  • Disk Space - This is how much space you are allotted to store your files. Many people are surprised to learn that not much space is really needed to run an osCommerce shop. A standard shop requires about 3 MB of disk space. If you have a large number of images,products and customers, this space might increase to 10 MB. Since our lowest plan starts off at 50 MB, you can see that disk space should not be a problem no matter which plan you choose.

  • Bandwidth - This is a harder number to judge. Whenever anyone looks at a page on your site, it counts as bandwidth usage. How much usage is determined by the size of the page. If the page size of your home page is 50 KB and 100 people view it each day, then for a 30-day month, the bandwidth would be 50 KB x 100 x 30 = 150 MB. Since it cannot be known how many people will visit your site, there is no way to determine your monthly bandwidth usage. However, it is unlikely that most sites will require more than 1 GB. Many hosts will list the Bandwidth as unlimited. This is a false amount and is used to entice a customer into thinking they are getting a great deal. There is a limit to such deals. If a site reaches this limit, rest assured that the host will not allow it.

Remember that our hosting plans allow you to change your plans at will, at no additional charge other than the difference in price of the new plan. So if you find the plan you choose is too small for your needs, simply let us know and we will switch you to a different plan. Your site will not be affected in the least.

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