Introducing our new PLUS plans.

On any shared server, access to your site may be limited at times, depending upon the load on the server. This is particularly evident around holidays like Christmas since there is so much more traffic on each site. You may also notice certain scripts timing out after 30 seconds. This is an industry-wide value that all hosts use to prevent a sites script from taking over the server and causing other sites to time-out.

The new "plus" plans have the internal server resource limits increased, which should prevent both of the above from happening, or at least not nearly as much. These increases include the maximum emails allowed per hour, the amount of memory a script on your site can use as well as the amount of time it can run. They also have 10% more disk space and bandwidth than our standard shared plans but the main advantage is that the Plus server will always have 20% to 30% fewer sites that than our standard shared servers. The overall effect of these changes should mean a much more responsive site, especially for busier sites. The changes are detailed below:

OptionRegular ServerNew PLUS Server
Memory Limit128256
Processor Time3045
Disk SpaceVariesPlus 10%
BandwidthVariesPlus 10%

If you would like more details about these plans or have questions in general about them, please do not hesitate to ask.

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