Shop Option Explained

This refers to a standard osCommerce shop. One that doesn't fit into one of the following categories.

Purchased Template
This refers to a shop that has a template installed that was purchased at one of the online template vendors like and The template designers generally take shorts cuts with the code to get the appearance of the template as they want it. This causes problems when trying to install contributions since, many times, the code in the template package doesn't come close to matching that of a standard shop.

Does my shop use a Purchased Template?
Unfortunately, there is not a simple way to tell if a shop is using a purchased template. But if you would like to know for sure, please contact us prior to placing your order and we will check it for you at no charge.

BTS stands for Basic Template System. It is a code change added to a basic osCommerce shop that allows easier changing of the look of the shop. There are many pre-built shops that use it like CRE Loaded, OsMax and SEC. When the BTS package is installed, it radically changes many of the files in the shop. The result is that installing code changes is much more difficult in some cases. As a result, the cost to make these changes is higher.

Does my shop use the BTS system?
It is fairly easy to tell if your shop uses the BTS system. Just look in the root directory of your files (that is where the index.php file is located) and see if there is a directory named templates. If there is, then you are most likely using such a shop.

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