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Multi Hosting

Multi-Hosted Domains

All our web hosting accounts have the ability to support multiple domain names pointing to separate directories (web sites) within your main account. We call such domains multi-hosted domains.

Multi-hosted domain support is ideal for webmasters, Internet marketers, and anyone else who runs multiple sites but does not require each site to be on a separate full-featured account.

Here are some important details about multi-hosted domains:
  • Multi-hosted domains function just like any other domain from the visitor's browser's point of view. If you have a multi-hosted domain "" and your visitor types "" into the browser, the browser's address bar will show "" and not "". If your visitor navigates to another page, the browser will accordingly show "", just like it should.
  • The first 5 multi-hosted domains are free (excluding domain registration and renewal fees), while subsequent ones are available at $15/one-time per domain (excluding domain registration and renewal fees).
  • Multi-hosted domains are not the same as multiple domain parking (pointing multiple domains to the front page of your main domain), a separate feature that allows you to park as many domains as you like.
  • All multi-hosted domain names share the same IP address, control panel, disk space, data transfer, MySQL databases and other resources provided in your main account.
  • Multi-hosted domains do not have their own POP email accounts. However, each multi-hosted domain comes with a catch-all address that automatically forwards all incoming email to your main domain's POP account.

  • Multi-hosted domains, unlike your main account domain, cannot have their own subdomains ( or SSL certificates.
If you have additional questions about multiple domain hosting, please contact us . and we'll help you out.
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