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  • Threatening spam email

    April 1, 2019 by Greg Stephens
  • An email has been received by many hosting members over the last month or two that makes it sound like the shops email account has been hacked. The email goes on to say that damage will be done to the site if a ransom is not paid. So far, this has proven false every time.

    The people sending the emails are using a common trick with emails that allows the changing of the displayed From address. They change that address to one of the shops as proof that they have access to that account, which they don't.

    The sure way to see if the email is really from the account mentioned is to look at the full headers. That will show the actual sending address. Here is a page that explains how to see the full headers.

    If you receive such an email and can't determine if it is legitimate or not, please enable full headers for it and forward it to us so that we can check it for you.

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