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    March 29, 2018 by Greg Stephens
  • We've had a number of requests about the new GDBR rules that take effect in May so we thought we would send an announcement to help understand this.

    The GDBR is a web authority in Europe. It has come up with a large change in the rules for web sites that apply to any site that sells to customers in Europe.

    For the most part, small sites, which they define as less than 250 employees, the rules are simpler but still exist. If, for example, your create account page has an automatic signup option on it, that is against the rules. You can read more about it on this page.. The fines for not being GDPR compliant can be quite high, as seen on this page.

    It seems unlikely that they would waste time going after small businesses but the potential is there. Near the bottom of the first article mentioned above are some general guidelines to consider. This is probably more of a concern to shops actually located in Europe but that may depend, in part, on what is being sold and if complaints are made.

    We hope this is useful to all of our hosting members.

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