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Header Tags for SEO of oscommerce shops
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osCommerce is one of the most popular and fastest growing ecommerce packages available today. There are many, many clones of it but none can match the simplicity and ease of use of the original. To learn more about using the wonderful osCommerce package as an eCommerce Solution, just click here!
Did you know
osCommerce can:

- Accept all major credit cards
- Easily manage unlimited products
- Track orders
- Report customers history
- and much more
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 Active Countries 
 Active Countries Active Countries
The basic osCommerce package has a few flaws in it. One of these is the Create Account section. When more
 Add A Box 
 Add A Box Add A Box
This option will add an additional infobox to your shop. It can contain links, text or images, or more
 Additional Orders Info 
 Additional Orders Info Additional Orders Info

This addon adds the following to the shops orders section. These changes make it much easier to more

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 Admin Administration 
 Admin Administration Admin Administration
This module allows the shop owner to set up access levels to the admin section. This is useful where more
 Affiliates Manager 
 Affiliates Manager Affiliates Manager
This addon is a full affiliate system. It allows the shop owner to add and manager affiliate more
 Auto Logon 
 Auto Logon Auto Logon
This addon will automatically login a returning customer who has checked this option. It uses more
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 Auto Update Currencies 
 Auto Update Currencies Auto Update Currencies
If you have more than one currency in your shop, the exchange rates for them can change daily and more
 Bundled Products 
 Bundled Products Bundled Products
This contribution allows you to create bundles of products:
 Call for Price 
 Call for Price Call for Price
This addon provides a way to replacy the price of a product with call for price (it can say whatever more
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 Categories Description 
 Categories Description Categories Description
This addon allows text to be added to the category pages. The text is controlled via the admin panel more
 Compare My Price 
 Compare My Price Compare My Price
Compare My Price allows you to automatically get the price of another shop for a particular product more
 Configuration Cache 
 Configuration Cache Configuration Cache
The Configuration Cache contribution creates a file containing all of the configuration parameters more
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 Continue Shopping Button 
 Continue Shopping Button Continue Shopping Button
The change will add a continue shopping button to the shopping cart page. When clicked, the customer more
 Country State Selector 
 Country State Selector Country State Selector
The basic osCommerce package has a few flaws in it. One of these is the Create Account section. When more
 Cross Sell 
 Cross Sell Cross Sell
This contribution allows you to cross sell matching or coordinating products to customers for almost more
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 Currency Flags 
 Currency Flags Currency Flags
Spruce up your shop by using images of the flags of the countries whose currency you offer. This more
 Custom Error Pages 
 Custom Error Pages Custom Error Pages
When someone visits a nonexistent page on your site, they are redirected to a 404 page. If your site more
 Customer Comments 
 Customer Comments Customer Comments
This package allows your customers to enter comments about your site. There is full control of the more
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 Customer Order Comments 
 Customer Order Comments Customer Order Comments
This package makes it possible for your customers to add a comment to their order. You will be more
 Customer Testimonials 
 Customer Testimonials Customer Testimonials
This package makes it possible for a satisfied customer to send an email or otherwise deliver a more
 Define Main Page 
 Define Main Page Define Main Page
This package provides a way for you to easily edit the text on the main page from within admin. more
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 Donations Donations

This contribution allows the shop owner, to support any organization (e.g. charity organizations, more

 Down for Maintenance 
 Down for Maintenance Down for Maintenance
This package allows a site to be marked as Down for Maintenance (or whatever you would like it to more
 Downloads Controller 
 Downloads Controller Downloads Controller

If you offer downloads to your customers, you need to have some way to control them. That is what more

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 Easy Map 
 Easy Map Easy Map
This addon adds a map to your shop. It can be very useful for local customers who need driving more
 Email Queue 
 Email Queue Email Queue
A common problem with shops running on shared servers is that the number of emails that may be sent more
 Event Calendar 
 Event Calendar Event Calendar
This option adds a calendar to your site. Your visitors can click on the event showing in the more
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 EZ New Fields 
 EZ New Fields EZ New Fields
This contribution will allow you to add new fields to the product display. With it you can have your more
 Fancier Invoice & PackingSlip 
 Fancier Invoice & PackingSlip Fancier Invoice & PackingSlip
This addon replaces the Invoice and Packing Slips in the admin orders section with a more more
 FAQ Desk 
 FAQ Desk FAQ Desk
This addon adds a FAQ system to your shop. The FAQ's are easily handled in the admin section and more
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 FAQ System 
 FAQ System FAQ System
This contribution adds a FAQ system to your shop. The FAQ's are easily handled in the admin more
 Fast Easy Checkout 
 Fast Easy Checkout Fast Easy Checkout
This package will shorten the checkout process in your shop by combining the shipping and payment more
 Flash Sale 
 Flash Sale Flash Sale
This is a cute little change that adds a flash sale image to any product on special. The image shows more
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 Form Controller 
 Form Controller Form Controller
This package allows you to add a little pizazz into your forms by allowing color and highlighting to more
 Gift Wrap 
 Gift Wrap Gift Wrap
This package adds a new box to the Checkout Shipping Page asking... "Would like to GiftWrap your more
 Google Analytics 
 Google Analytics Google Analytics
Google offers an option that will allow a shop owner to track movement throughout their site. They more
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 Google Tag Manager 
 Google Tag Manager Google Tag Manager
The Google Tag Manager makes handling all of googles tools, like Remarketing and Analytics, a much more
 Hide Categories 
 Hide Categories Hide Categories
This addon provides a way to prevent certain categories and their products from displaying on the more
 Hide Prices 
 Hide Prices Hide Prices
This addon prevents prices from being seen by anyone until they are logged in.
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 How Did You Hear 
 How Did You Hear How Did You Hear
This contribution adds a drop down box to the customer create account page. The customer is given a more
 HTML Editor 
 HTML Editor HTML Editor
This option adds an HTML editor to your Email, Newsletter and Products Description sections. This more
 Index Position Report 
 Index Position Report Index Position Report
If you have ever wondered where your pages are located in the search engine listings, then this more
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 Information Pages 
 Information Pages Information Pages
This package allows the shop owner to easily add information pages to the shop. The number of pages more
 IP Recorder 
 IP Recorder IP Recorder
This addon will record the IP address of customers placing an order. The IP will be shown on the more
 Login a la Amazon 
 Login a la Amazon Login a la Amazon
This contribution changes the appearance of the login page to the same format as used on more
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