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ECommerce Solution

ECommerce - what is it and do you need it?
The technical definition of ecommerce is "the buying and selling of goods and services, and the transfer of funds, through digital communications." In everyday terms, it is code added to your site to allow you to sell your product more easily. But what is much more important is that ecommerce is one of the fastest growing markets on the Internet. There are many ways to turn your site into an ecommerce shop, but none can compare to the Oscommerce Solution when you compare price and features. It is the best eCommerce solution out there.

In years past, web sites would create their own methods to handle online sales. But as Internet business boomed, it quickly became apparent that that method did not work very well. And then came OSCommerce.

The OSCommerce Solution
OSCommerce is a full shopping cart for your site. It handles everything a shop needs to conduct online transactions. In fact, with OSCommerce, you don't even need any other files. Just install the package, setup some minor settings like your shop name and email address, add your products and you are ready to do business on the Internet. It really could not be any easier.

Yeah, but what does it cost.
The most surprising feature of this wonderful package is that it is FREE!!! That's right. You can download the complete package using this link It is hard to believe that one of the best ECommerce packages available today is free, but it is true. No catches! No timeouts! Just download the package, install it with the included installer,set it up and you are ready to start selling. It is really that easy!

But what does it look like?
The OSCommerce shop can be made to look any way you wish. This site is an OSCommerce shop. To see what the basic package looks like just click here. Please feel free to poke around. Create and account and test the order process to see how simple it all is. Simple but very professional.

So what are you waiting for?
If you need an eCommerce solution, you need not look any further. This all-in-one package can handle any size shop. And since you cannot beat the price, why wait? If you have any questions about this package, please feel free to contact us. We are always ready to aid you in getting your eCommerce shop up and running.

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