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Securing your site

The oscommerce shop comes with the admin section unprotected. This is a major security problem and needs to be one of the first things the shop owner changes. One of the easiest ways to protect it is by using .htacess and .htpasswd files. The form below will allow you to create the text needed in both files. Note that .htaccess files only work on non-Windows systems. If you would prefer that we handle this for you, you can order the installation by clicking here. In either case, we do not store the login information and, since the domain name is not entered, it would not help anyone to know it, so the information you enter here is safe.

The Username and Password fields are whatever you want them to be. There may be restrictions implied by your host, like minimum length or the use of numbers. The Login text is just printed on the login dialog. It is meant to be a reminder for your username and password. The path is the path that will be in the .htaccess file to locate the .htpasswd file. The supplied path is typical but user will need to be changed to your sites username. Some hosts require a completely different path so be sure it is correct or the whole process will not work.

Login Text:
Path to root:
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