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This page provides details about our addons. If they are marked as released, then they can be downloaded from osCommerce. If they are marked as not released, they are only available from us. We will eventually release the latest version but it may be months before that is done.
Additional Order Info - 1.6released? No
  • Changed some database calls for security reasons.
  • Corrected code in admin/includes/functions/general.php to account for apostrophes (reported by Roaddoctor).
  • Moved text that should have been defined into the language files.
Add more Fields - 1.4released? No
  • Corrected instructions in the 2.3 install file.
  • Corrected help text.
  • Fixed error in the functions file that caused a failure on some shops.
  • Fixed coding in categories.php that would cause a failure if no extra fields existed.
All Products SEO - 1.5released? Yes
  • Changed css to display properly with mobile devices.
  • Changed the code in the price list to make it more mobile-friendly.
  • V 1.4:
  • Added a Bootstrap version.
  • Added the price_list.php in the laguages directory to allow other contributions to see this page.
  • Changed hardcoded reference to FILENAME_PRODUCT_LISTING.
  • Changed code in the all products search box for 2.3 to display the heading correctly.
  • Corrected database changes in 1.3 update file.
  • Corrected coding mistake for manufacturers link on the all products page.
  • Corrected coding mistake for the specials and what's new boxes for 2.3 shops.
  • Corrected type in breadcrumb for price list page (found by Mention).
  • Corrected code in price list to display taxes correctly (found by Mention).
  • Replaced the price list file for 2.3.
Database Optimizer - 1.5released? Yes
Easier Attributes - 1.0released? Yes
Header Tags SEO - 3.3.5released? Yes
  • Added IP Tracking to the keyword tool.
  • Added a new page to display links using model numbers.
  • Added am option to enable the html editor, if installed, for manufacturers.
  • Added an additional words option for the products.
  • Fixed the character counter in Page Control so it displays correctly on page load.
  • Fixed the code for adding pseudo pages. Uses a common function to control all of the pages.
  • Fixed the keyword search to work with assigned words.
  • Fixed some security holes.
  • Changed the test function to check for missing category and manufacturer descriptions.
  • Changed the install and uninstall files to be more generic and to allow for deleting the files after use.
  • Changed code throughout for speed improvements.
  • Corrected mistake in admin/manufacturers.php.
  • Corrected mistake in index.php.
  • Corrected mistake in admin/includes/functions/header_tags.php that prevented titles and tags from showing on some pages.
  • Corrected mistake in admin/includes/functions/header_tags_general.php that prevented the breadcrumb text from showing - found by member milerwan.
  • Corrected mistake in install instructions for admin changes - found by IWAS.
  • Corrected mistake in includes/header_tags.php that prevented product titles from showing when the "Use Item Name on Page" was used.
  • Corrected mistale in the admin test section that incorrectly reported missing files.
  • Optimized the css file for speed and to use the shops fonts.
  • Removed the need for filename definitions in admin.
  • Removed the ssl check for the keywords module in the footer.
SiteMap SEO - 2.0released? Yes
Site Monitor - 3.3released? No
  • Added a success message when saving the config file.
  • Added a test for hacker files masquerading as google verification files.
  • Changed code for the delete dates in the confiugre setup file to properly handle any setting.
  • Fixed a code mistake for the create directory function.
Site Search plus - 1.4released? Yes
View Counter - 1.8released? Yes
  • Added a button next to the IP's in the Monitor section to display only that IP (Pro version only).
  • Added a check in the write to .htaccess code to be sure the IP exists.
  • Added a report to identify data skimmers (Pro version only).
  • Added a cron job to send a skimmer report (Pro version only).
  • Added more cross-scripting commands to watch for.
  • Changged all occurrences of FILENAME_ to real name.
  • Changed the .htaccess write code in tools so the IP's are correctly synced.
  • Changed the size of the user agent field in the database so it can handle longer strings for some new devices.
  • Changed the country retrieval code to add a missing array field if needed to prevent strict warnings.
  • Changed the Check Version code to work with the new apps section.
  • Changed all reports to use the main table, instead of the storage table, for more accurate results.
  • Changed the code in all reports to speed them up.
  • Corrected coding mistakes that would cause Tools to fail (pre 2.3 shops only).
  • Corrected coding mistake in the new address module that would cause a failure.
  • Corrected coding mistake in the check IP code (modules) that would cause some IP's to be ignored.
  • Fixed the code in the IP Counts report to link to a WhoIs page.
  • Fixed a few minor html errors.
  • Fixed the Hacker report since it was not displaying all hacking attempts.
  • Fixed the Referrers report to allow better control of that report.
  • Removed the edits needed in the admin for the filenames.php and english.php files (BS and later 2.3.4 shops only).
  • Removed the check for NONSSL in the country blocking code.
  • Removed NONSSL in the links in admin.
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