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  • 02/16: - Changed categories.php code so that the google product category field is recorded. $40
  • Paid: $55 to begin work on share feeder - above not included. Balance: -$15
  • 07/01: - Started on shareasale feed. Got first main columns completed. $90
  • 08/22: - Changed the sharesale feed to create csv and added code to handle some of the other fields. $90
  • 09/18: - Changed code to swap regular price with the specials price, if present. - Troubleshot problem with extra_value19 not showing up. It is due to that setting being text - not a number. Waiting on directions. - Added code to zip the file. $80
  • 09/23: - Extra value19 was a known condition I missed. Removed charge for that time - $30 - Made changes to the code to fix comma problems. - Added 40 new columns, $150
  • Paid: $40 to troubleshoot cache problem. Balance: $365
  • 10/06: - Added more columns to the feed. - Troubleshot also purchased cache problem. Due to curencies being used out of order. Removed the price for a quick fix. $180
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