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For work from January through April of 2016, The previous balance of $3,000 was reduced to $1,565. These current charges total $1,325
  • 01/25:
  • Removed links for OCE ColorWave Plotters on html site.
  • NC

  • 01/27:
  • New Shop:
  • Changed the code on the manufacturers page so only products are shown.
  • Changed the items in the product listings so they are links to the products.
  • Removed "There are no products available in this category" on category pages.
  • Installed the ccv payment module.
  • Made changes to checkout shipping page to use the shipping options manually coded in - not complete.
  • $110

  • 01/28:
  • Live Shop: Checked cc module to see why the middle numbers are being lost. Looks like it is due to the email address.
  • New Shop: On phone with host to try to get new database set up.
  • $60

  • 02/18:
  • On phone with host getting the control panel to where it will work.
  • $40

  • 02/19:
  • Setup the database and files for the test shop on the live server.
  • $50

  • 02/25:
  • Finished getting the shipping page converted.
  • $70

  • 02/26:
  • Installed Easy Popuplate.
  • Installed the Purchase Without Account addon and changed login page to work with the modules.
  • Enabled the cache and gzip settings to see if the speed would improve. Removed the category menu on the original test shop to show difference.
  • Deleted the sitemap link in the footer.
  • $90

  • 03/02:
  • Installed Must Agree To Terms.
  • Tried creating an EP file from the live shop to upload to the test shop but it failed due to html code. Updated EP on the live shop and tried again - same thing.
  • $70

  • 03/04:
  • Troubleshot image problem. Looks like it is due to the main image being too small.
  • Upgraded the image thumbnailer.
  • NC

  • 03/15:
  • Fixed coding error in the featured products module.
  • Converted the live database to berify it could be done.
  • Removed the categories menu option and installed a stock categories box for speed.
  • NC

  • 03/31:
  • Changed text for some of the order email.
  • NC

  • 04/03:
  • Added an add to cart button at the bottom of the product page and set the quantity to 0 for the main product.
  • Uploaded the PDF directory. NC
  • Changed the country list on the create account page so that the US is at the top.
  • Moved the descriptions up on the product page.
  • $70

  • 04/12:
  • Changed the layout of the product page.
  • Added call for price and removed the quantity box for items with a price of $0.
  • Changed cart contents at the top of the page to have an image.
  • Added the unit price to the shopping cart page.
  • Changed the Continue Shopping code on the shopping cart page so that it returns to the product or category it came from or to the home page if none.
  • Changed the breadcrumb trail so it is not as long.
  • $270

  • 04/14:
  • On the master list page:
  • Change Name to Description.
  • Change Select to Qty.
  • Move price to left.
  • On the product page, changed code to display call image if MSRP is set.
  • Added a Products menu item.
  • $80

  • 04/16:
  • Changed code in the product listing and master listiing modules to fix many of the problems. The new Master Slave addon is
  • different than the original, or maybe the original was changed over time, so many changes were needed.
  • Made changes for BrokerBin search but can't test since it redirects to the live shop.
  • $210

  • 04/20:
  • For the shopping cart, the font size of the product name was increased and the model added.
  • Increased price size on product page
  • Changed product page so that when a slave is shown, there will be an add to cart button.
  • Increased the words spacing for the h1 title.
  • $50

  • 04/23:
  • Changed code for the quantity boxes so they clear when clicked in.
  • Decreased size of breadcrumb.
  • Increased size of model and removed brackets on product page.
  • Spread words in title farther apart on product page.
  • Centered lowest price image over product image on product page.
  • Removed extra space on page on product page.
  • Changed master/slave code so the links returned for a search for a cartridge go to the cartridge page instead of the parent device.
  • $90

  • 04/27:
  • Changed width code in mj-template.css to fix problem with the product listing page not resizing correctly.
  • Edited the date in the HP Qualified image to make it 2016.
  • $65

  • 04/29:
  • Reduced character spacing a little on the product page heading.
  • Changed wording at the bottom of the contact us page.
  • NC

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