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  • ***************** FROM 2013 ******************
  • 09-26: - Changed all occurrences of "New / Used HP / " to "New HP / Used HP / " $30
  • 10-1: - On phone with Bobbie going over pdf problem - caused by edits she made. $35
  • 10-27: - Increased the font size of the price on the product page. - Created a larger Add To Cart button and added it under the price. - Enabled the url rewriter and tested it. - Enabled the cache and gzip options in admin. (NC) $70
  • 10-31: - Removed the new button added above. - Created a new button that is sized between the two. - Turned off cache so the new category would show. $50
  • 11/10: - Changed product page to not show price. Not done yet. $55
  • 11/13: - Changed canon logo for the tabs. Had to resize and edit it to make it look right. $50
  • ***************** BEGIN 2014 ******************
  • 01/22: - Added new categories to entrance section. Created an includes file to make changing them easier in the future. - Worked on problem with getting the new categories to fix in the space provided. $140
  • 02/09: - Changed text for the new categories so they would fit and then changed the rest of the files (29 total). $90
  • 02/13: - Changed image on home page of entrance section. Had to resize the image and change its link in the index file. $45
  • 02/17: - Added two new categories to entrance section. $20
  • 03/18: - Added XEROX Printers to the categories. $20
  • 04/17: - Changed text for GBC Laminators $10
  • 08/20: - Changed code for the entrance page so that featured products display an image for price is msrp is used. $40
  • 08/28: - Adjusted the height of the featured box on the home page to allow the image to fit. - Changed the title text for the home page for the search engines. $40
  • 11/24: - Added delete buttons for the pdf files in admin. $110
  • 12/04: - Added code to delete the pdf's from the server when they are deleted in admin. - Changed the password to the admin. $50

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