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  • Fixed error where code was showing on renthp categories page. Code was using php shortcut.
  • Troubleshoot images not showing on both renthp and alloncomputer. The getimagesize function wasn't returning sizes from 360tech so the image wouldn't display. Hard-coded the sizes to get them to show.
  • 01-07:
  • Copied missing files for root of alloncomputer after changing the analytics code in each (9 files)
  • Troubleshoot pdf loading problem. It was due to the server setting being too small. Tried using php.ini to change it but it did not work.
  • 01-21:
  • Added new categories and rearranged files in root section
  • Replaced Europe text in tabs section with Cannon and Epson images
  • 02-04:
  • Removed Epson link from entrance section and tabs.
  • Corrected spelling of Canon for all entrance pages.
  • 02-05:
  • Changed product page to show price instead of call for price image
  • 02-18:
  • Edited files in entrance section to replace reference to Europe with Canon image
  • 02-27:
  • Added/changed DNR, FB and Twitter code on entrance page and created a DNR page.
  • 03-04:
  • Added text to DNR page and formatted.
  • 03-20:
  • Troubleshoot easy populate problem. Server was out of disk space.
  • 04-04:
  • Added Epson logo back to main page and adjusted image size
  • 04-07:
  • Changed title and meta tags on the home page.
  • Added alt text for the images. Also added the title tag for rollovers.
  • Added the Epson link and image to each page.
  • Removed the references to Europe that were missed before.
  • Fixed the alignment issues on the hprepair page.
  • 04-10:
  • Enabled code for shipping page so a message displays if all of the options are not selected.
  • 04-17:
  • Added jquery popup to checkout shipping page for error
  • 04-19:
  • Created new product and uploaded pdf to find problem with uploading pdf's but it worked fine
  • 04-22:
  • Pdf not showing on product page due to reviews not bieng present. Changed code to account for that.
  • 05-10:
  • Checked files for hacker code on Found files added to FN directory.
  • 05-11:
  • Downloaded all shops, compared files and searched for changed code.
  • 06-19:
  • On phone with ONR to try to gain access to server. Downloaded and installed VPN but it wouldn't connect.
  • 06-20:
  • On phone with ONR to try to get ftp to work no luck.
  • 08-20:
  • On phone with ONR trying to get access to the site
  • 08-21:
  • On phone with ONR trying to reset login for test shop. Couldn't figure it out - changed it manually.
  • 09-06:
  • Changed password for the live shop's admin
  • 09-09:
  • Edited dnr.php to change DIR and DNR to Texas DIR

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